Best wholesale clothing sites

✓ Specialized manufacturer 

✓ Various brands

✓ High-quality items

Several brands combined on one of the best wholesale clothing sites

Did you know we design 2000 styles every year to distribute to our house brands? This way, you can choose several wholesale brands at one of the best clothing sites of Europe. We offer:

  • Lemon Beret: everyday clothes for babies, kids and teens at affordable prices

  • Emoi: womenswear for elegant women, at entry-level prices

  • E-bound: a casual fashion brand for men at affordable prices

  • RE-GEN: streetwear fashion clothing made of high-quality fabrics

  • X-Peak: perfect brand for outdoor types who are price-conscious

Choose for a sustainable partner

Are you interested in the brands of one of the best wholesale clothing sites? If you choose for Vegotex International, you work together with us towards a sustainable future. We are a member of the amfori BEPI international organization, which means we promote focused environmental improvements in our supply chain. Care to know more? We would love to provide you with more information if you call us at +32 (0)3 780 97 00. After which, we can set a date for you to visit our showroom. We can also send you a brochure if that has your preference.

Also interesting:

One of the best wholesale clothing sites is happy to provide you with woven and knitted fashion garments for you retail store. Vegotex International is an experienced partner, ready to fully meet your expectations. Challenge us and let us know what your wishes are.

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