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Clothing manufacturers in Belgium and Europe with sustainability in mind

Vegotex International is part of a large industry. With this comes a responsibility to deliver environmentally safe products. Every day, we focus on improvements regarding waste management, greenhouse gases and chemical management. As a member of the amfori BEPI international, we promote environmental improvements in our supply chain. In order to achieve this, we continuously work together with suppliers and partners to keep transparency in our supply chain. This makes us one of the most sustainable clothing manufacturers in Belgium, Europe.

Make use of our custom-made fashion services

We are one of the few clothing manufacturers in Belgium, Europe that can design, manufacture and supply garments to the highest quality standards. Of course, with the aim of exceeding your expectations. Let us know what your ideas are and our project managers will make your custom apparel plans come true. Check out our website and find out more about our working process. Would you like to receive more information? Or ask us specific questions? We would love to help you out. You can reach us at +32 (0)3 780 97 00.

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There are several clothing manufacturers in Belgium, Europe. Why choose Vegotex International? First of all, we devise 2000 styles each year to complete our innovative in-house brands for men, women and children. With over 90 years of experience, we are also able to provide you with custom-made fashion garments which completely fit your needs. We are based in Belgium, but also active in other countries all over the world.

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