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Lemon Beret: a European children’s clothing wholesale brand

If you would like to add casual clothes for babies, kids and teens to your retail store, we offer you a brand called Lemon Beret. This brand is developed for kids who are curious, love color and seek out the joy in life. And of course, these clothes are designed to survive the rough and tumble of child’s play. For comfortable clothes for babies, kids and teens from 6 months to 16 years old, this is the brand you are looking for.

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Vegotex International is an experienced partner of woven and knitted fashion. We would love to provide you with European children’s clothing from a wholesale brand. With more than 90 years of experience, we ensure you high-quality clothing and a reliable partnership. Would you like to receive more information on our European wholesale brands and children’s clothing? Or are you interested in a brochure or samples? Let us know via +32 (0)3 780 97 00.

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Would you like to add European children’s clothing from wholesale brands to your collection? In that case, Vegotex International is your partner. We design 2000 styles every year to distribute to our house brands. You can pre-order these garments one season ahead, or order them from stock in the current season. Let us know what your wishes are and get in touch.  

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