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European wholesale clothing suppliers with a care for people and the environment

There is growing sense of responsibility and need for sustainability amongst European wholesale clothing and fashion suppliers. Likewise, Vegotex International takes great care with the production of its fashion. We do this by creating a safe and healthy working environment for our workers. Additionally, we produce skin-friendly garments using textiles that are constantly tested for harmful substances. To protect the environment, we practice effective water management and promote environmental improvements in our supply chain. Not only does this make us a European wholesale supplier of trendy clothing, but also one of the few reliable suppliers with sustainability in mind.

Wholesale supplier of trendy clothing for the entire family

Like many European wholesale clothing suppliers, we offer our own in-house brands to customers. These brands include X-Peak, Lemon Beret and Emoi and offer fashionable clothing for all ages. So, regardless if you are looking for European suppliers of children’s fashion or men’s fashion, you can find it all under one roof at Vegotex International. As one of Europe’s trendy wholesale suppliers of clothing, we also offer a wide range of styles: from elegant to sporty and from colorful to rugged. All garments are produced according our values regarding sustainability. Besides in-house brands, we also offer you the services of our own design team to create clothing per your own label’s design and style.

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Call us at +32 (0)3 780 97 00 to request more information and to tell us about your wishes. Our teams will gladly help you find exactly the trendy clothing and fashion that best suit your company’s style and vision. We have offices in Belgium, Bangladesh, India, Hong Kong and Shanghai so that we can quickly supply you with the latest fashion wherever you are situated.

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European wholesale clothing and fashion suppliers that offer sustainable production are hard to come by. Luckily, you can count on Vegotex International. Our company is a supplier of clothing for all ages that are produced in line with our strict values of sustainability and our engagement to people and the environment. Discover more about our brands and our approach to making the best possible clothing for you and your customers.

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