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There is growing sense of responsibility and need for sustainability amongst European wholesale clothing and fashion suppliers. Likewise, Vegotex International takes great care with the production of its fashion. We do this by creating a safe and healthy working environment for our workers. Additionally, we produce skin-friendly garments using textiles that are constantly tested for harmful substances. To protect the environment, we practice effective water management and promote environmental improvements in our supply chain. Not only does this make us a European wholesale supplier of trendy clothing, but also one of the few reliable suppliers with sustainability in mind.

Ethical and sustainable fashion

Fashion wholesale vendors and the fashion industry as a whole has a responsibility towards the people it employs and the environment. Our company takes these responsibilities very seriously and is committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment with minimal impact on the environment. As one of many online wholesale fashion vendors with facilities in Asia, we commit to ethical business behavior and follow the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. Additionally, we focus on reducing the environmental impact in our supply chain and test yarns and fabrics for harmful substances, as to ensure skin-friendly clothing.

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The latest fashion for your retail store can be found online at Vegotex International, one of the most experienced fashion wholesale vendors in Europe. Besides our experience, we also offer you high-quality clothing thanks to our sustainable and fair production processes.

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