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The Detox standard, launched by Greenpeace, is a commitment at the highest level that producers submit themselves to, in order to create garments in the least taxing way possible. Vegotex can produce Detox garments for you, but what does that mean exactly?

The textile industry is traditionally a user of hazardous chemicals and an industrial polluter of freshwater worldwide. People have witnessed multi-colored rivers as a result of effluent from the dyeing and processing of clothes. These effluents might pollute freshwater resources and could lead to a build-up of hazardous chemicals in the food chain, therefore impacting the health and livelihoods of local communities. To avoid this situation getting out of hand, Greenpeace launched the Detox standard in 2011, aiming to eradicate hazardous chemicals in the supply chain of garments. Committing to Detox protocol means there are strict standards to meet regarding inputs and formulations as well as outputs, whether wastewater or product. Detox has played a large part in increasing awareness and cutting down the usage of PFCs (Perfluorinated compounds) in the active industry.

The Detox standard regards 4 levels of commitment to which a producer must submit itself. These categories are:

  1. Chemical inputs: Detox requires companies to screen their processes for hazards. They need to create an M-RSL: a Manufacturing restricted substances list containing at least the 11 groups of chemicals prioritized by Greenpeace, that need to be avoided at any cost. In this report, ambitiousness is required and it should be specific and clear. All chemical formulas used in the process need to be compliant.

  2. Safety net: to ensure wastewater and sludge are totally pure, both need to be tested for harmful elements. If hazardous chemicals are found in the discharge, the company is expected to take corrective actions at the input phase, as well as to investigate possible cross contamination from other clothing brands.

  3. Transparency - public reporting: participating in Detox means being transparent in your efforts and honest about testing results. Publishing data allows stakeholders, consumers and interested parties to follow up on the company's progress.

  4. Clean factory approach: in the factory, all inputs from all brands - not only ours - are Detoxed. Meaning no hazardous chemicals can be found anywhere in the factory. This strategy helps avoid cross-contamination. Products are constantly tested to ensure this commitment.

By demand of some of our clients, Vegotex has successfully produced different garments under the Detox standards. Some examples of these products are:

- Singlets and tank tops

- Stretch denim pants

- Glitter pants

- A bathrobe

- Children's shorts

- Women's pajamas

Doing our part for the environment and knowing our customers' desires, Vegotex is proud to be able to produce garments under the Detox standard. Do you strive to produce clothing under Detox regulation? Don't hesitate to contact our sales department, and we'll help you achieve your goals.

Want to know more about Detox? Read the Greenpeace report on 7 years of Detoxing the clothing industry.

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