Fun facts about jeans

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Denim, a very popular fabric for clothing. Time for a little education: here are some facts & figures about jeans you might find interesting.

  • Jeans are dyed with indigo, making them blue. This color was chosen because it was thought to be the best for hiding dirt which got onto the pants.

  • One bale of cotton can produce up to 225 pairs of jeans.

  • Levis Strauss is seen as the inventor of the 'blue jeans'. He patented the style in 1873, including the technique of using rivets to strengthen pocket edges.

  • In the 1920s jeans were popular amongst miners and workers. Jeans pants were more durable and withstood the rough working conditions better than traditional pants.

  • Teenagers embraced blue jeans in the 1950s. Many schools banned jeans after because it was a symbol of a rebellion. Pop culture icons such as James Dean contributed to this 'bad boy' image. People wearing jeans were also commonly refused entry in establishments such as hotels.

  • Jeans only became common for women during the 1960s.

  • Blue jeans are illegal in North Korea because it is seen as a symbol of American imperialism.

  • Did you know the tiny pocket - often found in your right front pocket - is originally designed for a pocket watch?

  • The oldest known pair of jeans was found in a California mine in 1998. Apparently, the pair of Levi's jeans was 115 years old at the time.

  • Yearly, about 450 million jeans articles are sold worldwide.

  • On average, women today have about 7 pairs of jeans in their closet.

  • Nowadays, jeans are available in various colors and styles. Did you know some jeans are beaten with rocks to give them a rugged look?

We just love denim! Do you do too?

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