Spotted: SS19 trends

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

At Vegotex we keep up with the latest developments in fashion. That is why predicted trends are often found in our collections. Here are some catwalk trends of the summer 19 season, found in our house brands.

1. Craftwork

This season you won't be able to miss the craftwork trend in women's fashion: you'll spot patchwork, crochet details and weaves in every store. These crafted details give your outfit a boho summer vibe.

Left to right: Top with crochet back, 142091.V.SI.VX / Long dress with patchwork, 142559.V.DR.VX / Plus size T-shirt with patchwork, 142432.W.TS.VX / Shorts with macrame belt, 141392.V.BE.VX / T-shirt with fringes, 142285.V.SI.VX

2. Tie it up!

Ties and knots are very popular this season. Even just as a detail on your garment, its effect is grand. A must-have for women of every size, available in all sorts of colors and forms. We're knot kidding you.

Left to right: T-shirt with knot sleeve, _142428.V.TS.VX / Blouse with knot, 141699.V.BL.VX / Plus size t-shirt with side twist, 142427.W.TS.VX / Top 'dreamer,' 142313.V.SI.VX / Plus size top with knot sleeve, 142750.W.TS.VX

3. Statement pockets

Time to show off your pockets! This useful element on your garment is now allowed to be the eye-catcher of your piece. Mix it up with a striking print or color.

Left to right: Grey T-shirt, 141572.H.TS.VX / Striped T-shirt, 142738.H.TS.VX / T-shirt with yellow and beige, 142911.H.TS / Shirt, 137520.H.SH.VX / Feather T-shirt with zipper pocket, 141557.H.TS.VX

4. Sage green

The catwalk was filled with a greyish-green color, resembling dried sage leaves. Sage green is the trend color you need to own this season. It's safe to say that sage is the shade of the season for men.

Left to right: T-shirt, 142907.H.TS / Camo pants, 141556.H.PA.VX / Polo, 141686.H.PO.VX / Shorts, 141413.H.BE.VX / T-shirt, 141563.H.TS.VX

5. Sea the world

The under-water-world is a huge inspiration for the spring-summer fashion season for children. Sea creatures and plants, water activities and beach: all is fair in 'sea the world' kidswear.

Left to right: Small boys singlet, 142478.G.SI.VX; Small boys swimshorts with squids, 142633.G.SR.VX / Teen girls playsuit with anchors, 142729.M.OV.VX / Baby's T-shirt with wales, 141568.B.TS.VX / Teen boys swimshorts with shark, 142621.J.SR.VX / Baby dress with mermaid, 141511.B.DR.VX

6. Fruitful fashion

Fruits are healthy, fruits are fun, fruits are wearable by everyone! Choose your favorite sweet fruits and wear them all summer if you want. Fruits are here to stay.

Left to right: Small girls strawberry set, 141434.F.SE.VX / Small girls dress with pineapples, 142540.F.DR.VX / Baby T-shirt with banana, 141846.B.TS.VX / Teen girls T-shirt with pineapples, 142011.M.TS.VX / Baby playsuit with lemons, 142421.B.OV.VX

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