The perks of cotton clothing

Cotton is used worldwide more than any other natural fiber. Because of its design and manufacturing in clothing, the fiber has many advantages. We've summed them up for you.

1. Comfort

Cotton is a comfortable fabric to wear because of its softness and stretching capabilities. These qualities make it the perfect source for underwear and undergarments. But the use is not limited to these categories. Cotton is found in many product groups in fashion.

2. Durability

Due to its high tensile strength, cotton is perceived as strong and durable. It does not rip or tear easily. The fabric strength also increases when it's wet - with about 30%!

3. Moisture control

The cotton fabric 'breathes' and absorbs moisture. Therefore it's a perfect carrier for clothing - and for example towels! Cotton sportswear allows you to remain at ease during exercise, because of its absorbent quality.

4. Insulation

In summer, cotton clothing keeps you cool and in winter it protects against the cold. The fabric traps air between the fabric fibers and thus provides thermal insulation. Air caught between the piece of clothing and body also helps with insulation.

5. Hypoallergenic

Cotton rarely causes allergic reactions. The fabric is often recommended for people with sensitive skins or skin allergies. Because of its hypoallergenic qualities, the fabric is also often used in medical products such as band-aids.

6. Weatherproof

Cotton fabrics can easily be manipulated into weatherproof garments. This is done through its construction or finishing. The fiber can be made into a dense fabric and finished off with a water-repellent product, turning it into the perfect jacket. While being effective against weather influences, the piece of clothing remains comfortable and does not lose its breathing abilities.

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