Custom-made fashion services

As premium pioneers in the private label market, we design, manufacture and supply garments to the highest quality standards, with the aim of exceeding customer expectations. To make your custom apparel plans a reality, we take your ideas and input and, with the expert guidance of our project managers, we guide you on a smooth journey from raw materials to finished, high-quality items. 

Sourcing & quality control

At Vegotex International, we have built up strong relationships with our suppliers worldwide, and we work hard to understand our customers' business needs. We have a specialist quality control team in Belgium, dedicated to finding you the perfect fabrics and trims. We never move on to production until our quality control team have passed the first sample and we have received your approval. 


With our offices and manufacturing suppliers in China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, we have the means to efficiently produce and fulfil customer orders. With over 90 years' experience in the trade, we know how to translate your design into the perfect finished product. 


Our logistics management team ensures that things always go to the right place at the right time and in perfect condition. We are able to offer a wide range of transportation options, materials handling, personalized labeling and packaging.

Styling & design

Usually, it all starts with a sketch, illustration, photograph or sample to demonstrate your ideas. Our seasoned team of in-house stylists and graphic designers then put their extensive product knowledge and skills to work to shape and illustrate your project. We scrutinize every detail, including fabric choices, colours, prints, artwork, embroidery and more, to deliver you your unique bespoke item or collection.

The celebration of individuality, in-house design and new sources are the hallmarks of the Vegotex family of products.

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