Wholesale women’s clothing vendors

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Wholesale women’s clothing vendors

If you are looking for wholesale women’s clothing vendors that offer womenswear in a diverse range of styles, look no further. Vegotex International has several in-house brands of women’s clothing. The first, Emoi, is a collection of feminine and elegant fashion in vibrant colors. This brand contains both basic and the latest styles at entry-level prices. X-Peak, on the other hand, aims to please women who love exploring the outdoors with functional and comfortable fashion. Additionally, young women in their teens would love to get their hands on the playful and colorful Lemon Beret clothes with trendy dresses, leggings and more.

Choose clothing with sustainability in mind

Like other wholesale women’s clothing vendors, we take our responsibility for sustainable production very seriously. We do this as a member of the amfori BEPI international organization with a Code of Conduct for a safe and healthy work environment as well as by promoting environmental trade in our supply chain. Would you like to know more about our methods or our fashion? Let us know and get in touch. Send us an email or call +32 (0)3 780 97 00 to make an appointment for a visit to our showroom. We are happy to show you our unique collections.

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Few wholesale women’s clothing vendors have the vast experience that Vegotex International offers its customers. After all, we have over 90 years of experience with knitted and woven fashion for men, women and children. We offer the fruits of our experience in the form of five trendy brands and a custom-made design service for your own label.

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